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1. Pay tuition fee (if applicable)

If you are required to pay tuition fee, you have received (or will receive) an invoice attached to your Letter of Acceptance. Follow the instructions that came with the invoice and make sure your payment is received by the university before the deadline mentioned in the invoice. If you do not pay your tuition fee on time your admission will be cancelled.

2. Apply for a residence permit (if applicable)

The application for a residence permit takes quite some time. Therefore it is essential that you apply for a residence permit as soon as you have received your Letter of Acceptance (or a confirmation of selection results for exchange students) and paid your tuition fee (if applicable). 

The fastest way to get a residence permit is to apply online at the website of the Swedish Migration Agency and make sure that the application is complete.

3. Book accommodation

At the beginning of November all admitted international students will receive an e-mail with information about how to apply online for student accommodation. Follow the instructions and make sure to book your accommodation promptly once application is open.

Read more about accommodation for international students

4. Plan your journey and arrival

On Arrival Day international student representatives will welcome you at Gothenburg Landvetter Airport and Gothenburg Central Station as well as at Trollhättan station to guide you how you reach Trollhättan and your accommodation. Arrival Day is on 12 January. Please look at when your housing contract starts before arriving!

Read more about arrival day here. 

Right after Arrival Day the Introduction Days will start. You will receive more information about the exact programme in December. Our Spring Introduction Days are happening digitally from January 8-10th. In the meanwhile, you can check the information about the Introduction Days on our website.

5. Create your account and Register for your studies

You have to create a student account to get access to all university systems and your university e-mail. You will receive more information about how to do this in the registration mail.

All international students have to register for their studies. If you do not register on time, your admission will be cancelled. All international students will receive a so-called registration e-mail with a link and further instructions. This e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you provided on (degree students) or in Mobilityonline (exchange students). If you haven’t received any mail from us by the end of December, we recommend you check your spam folder or have it resent.

If you have been a student with us before, you should use your “old” account: Should you need to activate your old account, or if you have forgotten your password, you go to My account and select "Unable to login".

Video about the student account


6. Log in to Canvas

Through the learning platform Canvas you will get access to the material, schedule, curriculum and list of literature related to the courses you are taking. The platform also contains contact information of teachers and questions and answers related to the course content.

Your courses will be available in Canvas four weeks prior to the course start. Please note that the course schedule will be preliminary until two weeks before the course starts.

7. Activate MFA

To be able to use all university digital services, you need to verify your login through two-step verification or multi-factor authentication (MFA). To get started, you need to activate MFA. It's easiest to do it via a computer. 

See more information and get started.

8. Check your schedule

You can find your course schedule in the learning platform Canvas. You can also search your schedule in the schedule system Kronox. Schedules will be published and finalized two weeks before the course starts and are preliminary if published earlier.

9. Check your course literature

You can find the literature for your course on the learning platform Canvas. You can also search for course literature on our website by searching by course name or course code. Please note that the list of course literature is preliminary until eight weeks before the course starts.

10. Learn more about Ladok, Canvas and Office 365.

In Ladok you will be able to print certificates for your studies, register for courses, view your results, register for examinations and verify or update your contact information.

In Canvas you will always find information about your course, schedule and literature list.

Microsoft Office 365 is a platform for e-mail, calendar, file storage etc. It is important that you use your student e-mail because University West will send most information to this e-mail address.

Read more and login to Office 365.

11. Check information about distance learning (if applicable)

If you have been admitted to a distance programme or course you can read more about distance learning on our website.

12. Prepare/apply for support for students with a disability (if applicable)

If you have a disability, for example dyslexia, a visual impairment, hearing loss or ADHD we can provide you with pedagogical support during your studies.

Read more about support for students with a disability