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New incoming international students request accommodation from Eidar Housing through University West web pages. The number of student rooms are limited. The general conditions and regulations apply to all international students at University West; fee paying or non fee paying as well as exchange students from partner universities (i.e. Erasmus).

Contract and rent is fixed to the full semester, although student pay the rent per month.

Please note that you can stay in the student accommodation for a limited period shown below:

Spring semester 2017
from January 13th to June 15th

Academic year 2016/2017
from August 22d 2016 to June 15th 2017

Students accepted for full semester studies but unable to arrive for semester start must still pay rent from start of the semester as per above

General information

  • The accommodation is for students registered for courses/programmes at University West only.
  • It is not allowed to share accommodation for one person with another.
  • The student accommodation is not available for families, couples (where the partner is not studying) or children. It is not allowed to bring pets.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the apartments or anywhere in the buildings.


After receiving a written confirmation regarding your accommodation, a deposit of 5000 SEK needs to be paid to secure your accommodation. As you will not have access to the accommodation booked for you without having paid deposit, it is imperative that the deposit has been paid in good time prior to your arrival.

The deposit is a security to cover outstanding rents, cleaning or possible damages when moving out. Eidar Housing will inspect the apartment to make sure that it has been cleaned according to the instructions provided to all students. The deposit will be refunded to you after the inspection, if everything in the apartment is alright.

At the bottom of this page, you will find a document with bank details and information on how to pay the deposit. You will also find the link to a form for requesting the refund of your deposit. Make sure you complete this deposit before 1st October/1st March. The deposit will be refunded to your bank account within four weeks after you have moved out of the apartment.

Special conditions

For fee paying students
The tuition fee must be paid in due time according to the invoice.

For ISEP students
The conditions agreed upon with the ISEP ­coordinator at University West apply.

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