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Människor på promenad i skogen Människor på promenad i skogen

There are many theories, principles and constructs under the salutogenic umbrella. The concept of salutogenesis, first coined by Aaron Antonovsky, means the origin of health. Sense of coherence is one of the key concepts. However, salutogenesis is a much broader approach than only focusing on the sense of coherence.

  “Life promotion is the process of enabling individuals, groups or societies to increase control over, and to improve their physical, mental, social and spiritual health. This could be reached by creating environments and societies characterized of clear structures and empowering environments where people see themselves as active participating subjects who are able to identify their internal and external resources, use and reuse them to realize aspirations, to satisfy needs, to perceive meaningfulness and to change or cope with the environment in a health promoting manner.” (J Epidemiol Community Health 2007;61(11):938-944)

For permission to use the SOC-questionnaire, please visit Society for Theory and Research on Salutogenesis (STARS),  and choose SOC-scales.

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