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Människor på promenad i skogen Människor på promenad i skogen

About the centre

Health promotion is the process that enables individuals, groups and communities to increase control over and improve their physical, mental, social and existential health. The salutogenic theory focuses on people's skills, abilities and resources to be able to develop health and well-being.

The mission of the centre

  • Act as a collaborative arena for research and education in health promotion and salutogenesis with a special focus on work-integrated learning (WIL)
  • Collaborate with the surrounding community, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally to develop knowledge in the field of health promotion and salutogenic
  • Establish and maintain contacts with relevant national and international research networks
  • Join the Sustainability Council and be an active party in the implementation of the university's strategy for sustainable development
  • In collaboration with other university-wide actors, work for a good working environment for students
  • Be a reference to HR in the university-wide work with ARK
  • Strengthen educations and independent courses with in-depth knowledge in health promotion and salutogenesis by being a reference to program councils

Hildur Gunnarsdottir

Hildur Gunnarsdottir Senior Lecturer

Sofie Lundström

Sofie Lundström Senior Lecturer