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The department's overall mission

  • Communicate and strengthen the university's brand, nationally and internationally
  • Promote openness and accessibility of information and facts related to studies, research and collaboration.

The department works in teams with the following responsibilities:


  • Web development of
  • Web Accessibility
  • Web Organization
  • User Experience
  • Marketing Communication & Student Recruitment

Market communication & student recruitment

  • Student Recruitment (national)
  • Educational communication (national)
  • Event and conference support Graphic production (e-duty printed matter, sound, moving image)
  • Research Communications
  • Communication with current students


  • Cooperation
  • Management support
  • Press and news
  • Internal communication
  • Staff portal (internal web)

International Office

  • Mobility for students and teachers

Chief Communications Officer

Maria Derner

Maria Derner Kommunikationschef

Staff Communications Office

Christina Axelsson

Christina Axelsson Communications Officer

Tomas Bengtsson

Tomas Bengtsson Recruiter Director International Affairs

Veronika Cordula-Strupf

Veronika Cordula-Strupf Administrative Officer Education

Maria Derner

Maria Derner Kommunikationschef

Anna Elfgren

Anna Elfgren Communications Officer

Rebecka Haak

Rebecka Haak Communications Officer Eventkoordinator

Anna Hallberg

Anna Hallberg Communications Officer Pressansvarig kommunikatör/Forskningskommunikatör

Madeleine Hoffman

Madeleine Hoffman Handläggare internationella frågor

Helena Irvestam Wassenius

Helena Irvestam Wassenius Communications Officer Teamledare Marknadskommunikation, studentrekrytering och webb

Stefan Kudryk

Stefan Kudryk Communications Officer PR och samverkan

Roberta Lauriola

Roberta Lauriola Administrative Officer Education

Marie Lystell Hed

Marie Lystell Hed Communications Officer Webbsystemförvaltning och support

Maria MacDonald

Maria MacDonald Administrative Officer Education

Evelina Olsson

Evelina Olsson Communications Officer Studentrekryterare

Signe Stahlénius

Signe Stahlénius Communications Officer Eventkoordinator

Olivia Svensson

Olivia Svensson

Anna Tanderud

Anna Tanderud Communications Officer

Ebba Thorolvsen

Ebba Thorolvsen Communications Officer

Hanna Timring

Hanna Timring Administrator

Anna Toftås

Anna Toftås Kommunikatör och grafisk formgivare

Margaretha Valdemarsdotter

Margaretha Valdemarsdotter Media Technician

Emelie Wedenberg

Emelie Wedenberg Communications Officer Webbdesigner & UX / UI