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Cost of living
Living costs in Sweden are similar to most European countries and depend largely on your individual lifestyle. The estimated cost of living for a student is around 8,000 SEK/month.  
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International students coming to study at University West are offered accommodation arranged by the municipal landlord Eidar Housing AB or the private landlord Hammar Nordic AB in cooperation with University West.
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Visa and insurance
Students from countries outside the EU/EEA who plan to study in Sweden for a period longer than three months, must have a residence permit. 
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Getting here
You can reach Sweden and Trollhättan by plane, car, bus or train.
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Arrival Day
On Arrival Day we welcome all our new international students. This is when you'll pick up keys and contracts for student housing.
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Introduction Days
Introduction Day(s) are arranged in order for all new international students at University West to get help on how to get started with their studies.
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