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The quality improvement work rests on the university's main commission: to provide education on undergraduate as well as post-graduate level, to conduct research and provide research programmes of high quality and collaborate with the surrounding community.

Quality in education and research

Quality improvement work includes many dimensions and is a continuous process. The focus of the quality improvement work at University West is on the area of educational quality; how frames and conditions for how our main process, the student's path through university and studies, can be quality assured. The staff's skill and knowledge is a key factor here, together with the ability of the educational organization and support functions to facilitate the main process.

The Research and research programme committee and the Undergraduate and postgraduate education committee are responsible for quality assurance within research and education at the university. The committees' establish and approve a collection of documents outlining guidelines for quality assurance within education and research. 

Follow-ups and evaluations are central in the quality of work surrounding the education. Several programme evaluations are performed annually.

The programmes at University West are evaluated by Standards and Guidelines for Quuality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area, ESG. The Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) evaluates the quality of higher education and research and monitors compliance with laws and regulations among all universities in Sweden.