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Audience: Schools who want to become VMware IT Academies (VITA)

What you get

◉ Lab Manual for the students
◉ Powerpoints for the instructor (no handouts allowed!)
◉ License keys for almost every VMware software (ESXi, vCenter, Workstation, ...)
◉ Attendance ("Install, Configure & Manage" is worth 32000kr, according to
◉ Certificate is now included in voucher; not viewable/printable.
◉ Last year students and instructors got a 70% discount on the certification fee (~2000kr)
◉ 4 Month of support after your TTT instructor training

What you don't get

⛔ No online curricula/textbook. You are not allowed to give the students the Powerpoints. (online ebook availible through gilmoreglobal at a cost of $25.45 per copy)
⛔ No chapter tests, no final exam and no skills exam.
⛔ There are no "Academy" certificate's at all. Only the commercial certificate exists in the VMware world.
⛔ No Letters to give to the students, but there will be an electronic badge in the future
⛔ You can't give the students any certificate (like VCP-DCV). Letters of attendance is nowadays encrypted in the voucher-code. (Letters of attendance is a prerequisite for taking the VCP-DCV commercial certification exam)
⛔ You may not offer or require more than a maximum of 12 hours combined lecture and lab time per week.

Your shopping list

What you need at your place per group:

💰 Two, permanently on, PC's with quad/dual core, VT-support, 16(8) GB RAM and 300(120)GB Disk for ESXi. They both need an extra 1Gbit/s hardware compliant network card (NIC)

💰 One, permanently on, PC with 4(2) GB RAM and 500(220)GB Disk for storage. Can be exchanged with iSCSI-Target software on a windows machine.

💰 Two(one) switches with 1000(100)Mbit/s ports, With VLAN capability

💰 One PC, maybe a laptop, for managing the system. (If you skip this PC, you need to run Windows on the storage-machine)

💰 Some USB memory sticks as a boot device for the storage-machine, installation media , BIOS-upgrades etc. Some install USB's could be exchanged with CD/DVD's

Numbers in paranthesis are minimal system requirements, and are not recommended

Handy things are: Rufus or Unetbootin, putty, updated web-browser, Internet connection!! 

Test your PC's CPU for vMotion, EVC and 64-bit VMware support with the boot-CDCPU Identification Utility (cpuid.iso) or try a test installation of the operating systemESXi (VMware-VMvisor-Installer-6.0.0.update01-3029758.x86_64.iso)


These are the costs involved, when you become a VMware IT Academy

  • License server annual fee: "VMAP Subscription Renewal – 1 Year – Departmental – Credit Card 2174,93 kr" payed to Kivuto
  • 18000 kr for two (same price for one) instructor training (TTT-course) 1 full week in Trollhättan
  • Annual fee/Support Contract with CATC Scandinavia

Some important documents

VMware ClassTiming 6.0