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Fulltime studies in Sweden means that you study 30 Higher Education Credits (HE credits) per semester. 1 HE credit is equal to 1 ECTS credits. 

Academic year - setup
Each academic year comprises of two semesters, each 20 weeks long and divided into two study periods. Each study period is 10 weeks long, which means that you study 15 credits during one study period if you study full-time. 

Study pace
A single subject course can run at different paces, normally either at full-time or at part-time. 

  • 7.5 credit course with study pace full-time will run for 5 weeks
  • 7.5 credit course with study pace part-time (50%) will run for 10 weeks

Information in course list
In the course lists below, you can find information on both the study pace and during which time the course runs.