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By co-creation we mean collaboration and dialogue with and between actors in the community to understand, promote, and strengthen sustainable social development processes.

In this core research field, co-creating social development is studied with a focus on power and organisational structures that make possible and limit the process of change and actors’ learning as well as knowledge production.

An example of thematic focus might be, but is not limited to, studies in:

  • Political-economic management, organisation, and policy for sustainable social development: Develop research into learning that erases boundaries and creates knowledge for sustainable development of organisations and governance.
  • Segregation, the sense of belonging, social equity, gender equality, inclusiveness: Develop and promote social practices for a sustainable and equitable social development that includes the entire community.
  • Psychosocial health and wellbeing: Develop research into knowledge creation and learning that promotes social development with good, equal psychosocial health and wellbeing for all groups in society.
  • Green national economy/circular economy: Socio-economic research for sustainable development of the national economy.
  • Globalised labour markets, working life, education: Research that contributes to comparative knowledge and understanding on a global scale.


Per Assmo

Per Assmo Professor IPPE programme Manager