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University West is responsible for all processing of personal data in the university's activities. This web page describes how we treat your personal information, what rights you have, and how you can apply them.

What personal data we process and why?

University only processes personal data to accomplish our mission to educate, conduct research, interact with the community, provide information about our activities and seek to promote research to the university. We also do so to conduct appropriate activities and to comply with laws and regulations.

University only processes information about you if you have agreed to it, or if it is necessary to perform a task in the public interest or in official authority, or as provided by law or contract.

The most common reasons that the university processes information about you is that you are a student, employee, researchers, students in a course or other event, borrowers at the university library, or if you are looking for a job or for any other reason, contact the university.

Most data that university processes about you is collected directly from you. What information we process depends on the purpose of the processing. In some cases, we also collect information from other sources, such as the Swedish Tax Agency or the University and Higher Education Council.

Among other things, it may be as follows:

  • Personal data that you provide to us on the web, physical forms, in contact with employees at the university via e-mail and letters, as well as using the university's IT systems and services.

  • Personal information you provide to us in connection with the registration of an event, such as contact details. Why we do it, is informed in the individual case. We usually need the tasks to plan and manage the event as well as communicate with you.

  • Personal data collected when participating in a research project. Why we do it, is informed in the individual case.

  • Study documentation and other study administrative information, including information on eligibility, qualifications, participation in education, examination and assignments, study results, information on registration and tuition fees. The information is needed to enable us to take you as a student, to complete courses, document studies, follow up, evaluate, report and administer education and administer scholarships, registration and tuition fees as well as exchange students.

  • Contact information you provide to us when applying for a library card at the university library. The information needed to lend library materials and administer loans and purchases.

  • Information about your health, for example, to accommodate requests for special food at events or the need for special educational support and to provide student health care. We usually ask you to approve our processing of this information before collecting and processing.

  • Social Security number, if clearly justified by the purpose of the processing, for example, that we should not confuse you with another person or if it is otherwise required to secure your identity.

  • Bank details and other financial information to pay money or invoice.

  • Personal data that you provide when you apply for a position.

  • Personal data necessary for employment, such as details of an employment form, duration, scope of employment, assignment, salary, union membership, service planning, parental leave, sick leave, medical certificate and electronic identities as a username. The information is required by the university to fulfil its obligations in the field of labor law with the employment contract, the law and collective agreements, in order to work at the university, as well as to manage, plan, pursue and develop the university's activities.

  • Personal data collected in connection with participation in a research study.

How do we protect your personal data?

The university undertakes legal, technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data against unauthorized or unlawful access and other treatment, as well as against loss, destruction or damage.

The measures are aimed at ensuring adequate protection of personal data, considering the risk of processing of the data.

Who get part of your personal data?

As a starting point, only the employees at the university who need your personal data at work will receive some part of the data. In addition, the central administrative personnel of the university have access to your information and can use them, if necessary, for example, for troubleshooting and support.

A large part of the information available at the university is public documents. This means that if your personal information is a public document, as a starting point, anyone who requests the document can access your personal data in accordance with the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act.

In addition to this, your personal data may be disclosed to authorities such as the Central Student Support Board, the Swedish Migration Agency, Statistics Sweden, the University Chancellor's Office, the Tax Agency, the Social Insurance Agency, and other colleges and universities.

They can also be shared with suppliers, partners and other third parties who need access to them. The University only shares your personal data if necessary and if you have approved it or we may do so by law. When the personal data provided to another party, university take appropriate measures to protect your personal information.

Where we process your personal data?

Your personal information is normally processed within the EU / EEA. In some cases, however, the data may be processed outside the EU / EEA, for example, by our partner institutions, research partners or suppliers.

Regardless of the country in which the data is processed, the university undertakes measures to protect them in accordance with the requirements of the EU / EEA.

Personal data may only be processed outside the EU / EEA if the EU Commission has decided that the country in question has an adequate level of protection or after appropriate protective measures have been taken.

How long do we save your personal data?

We only save your personal data if necessary regarding the purpose of the processing and requirements of law or regulations. Rules on how long the university is required to save different information is included in the Archives Act and the National Archives code of statutes. Often it means that your personal information is saved for between two years and for all future.

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Your rights

Right of access

The university is open to how we process your personal data. You are entitled to know what information we are processing about you, for what purpose, and what personal data may be provided to another recipient.

Keep in mind that as a student or employee at the university you can usually log in to the university's IT system to see what information we are dealing with about you. You can also contact responsible person at the university to get information about what information is being processed about you, such as the HR division.

Right of withdrawal

In some cases, we may ask for consent (approval) to process your personal data. If you leave such consent, you may withdraw this at any time. We will not then continue to process your personal information. Data already published is influenced however, is usually not a withdrawal of consent.

Right to data portability

You have the right in certain cases to get your personal information in a widely used format to transfer them to another person responsible for personal data.

Right to rectification

You are entitled to have your personal information changed or supplemented if they prove to be incorrect or incomplete.

Keep in mind that you as a student or employee at the university can change information by logging in to the respective IT systems or by contacting the person responsible at/within the university.

Right to restriction

You have a right that in some cases to get a certain processing of your personal data limited or terminated.

Right to erasure/deletion

You have a right that in some cases to get your personal information deleted.

Right to file a complaint with the Data Inspectorate

You are entitled to complain about our processing of your personal data to the Data Inspectorate.

More information about your rights

Read more about your rights on the Data Inspection web pages.

Contact us

If you have questions about how your personal information is treated as an employee at the university, students, researchers or external stakeholders or guest please first contact your manager, your contact person or responsible for a course or a research project. You are also welcome to contact any of the employees who work specifically with personal data at the university by sending an email to

Personal Data Responsible

University West
461 86 Trollhättan
Tel: 0520-2230 00
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Data Protection Officer - The Swedish Data Protection Authority

University Wests data protection officer is Anne Lindelöf

The Data Protection Officer's task is to ensure that the University processes personal data in a legal, correct and safe manner in accordance with the Data Protection Ordinance.