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Every year in September, a beginner's survey is conducted for all new program students. The questionnaire contains questions about why you chose your education and the experience of your first time as a student at Högskolan Väst. Questions about transport and accommodation are also asked. The purpose of the survey is to increase the university's knowledge of the reception and provide a basis for future planning.

Please see this page in Swedish for the results from the latest beginner survey.

For previous years' reports, please contact


The Student Barometer was conducted in 2019 and 2020 among all program students at University West. The barometer contained questions about the students' experience of the study environment, support and service. If you are interested in the reports from 2019 or 2020, please contact

Due to a low response rate, the student barometer survey has been replaced by structured dialogue with the Student Union regarding the study environment, student support and infrastructure. A part of this is also the survey Equal conditions, which is carried out vt-22.


The doctoral student barometer is a survey about the physical and psychosocial study environment of doctoral students, which is carried out every two years.

For reports, please see this page in Swedish. 


The survey is carried out every spring and autumn among program students who are studying their last semester and aims to give a picture of the students' experience of their education. The survey contains, among other things, questions about the design of the teaching, organization and examination as well as overall satisfaction with the education program. The results are analyzed by the program councils and form one of the bases for the annual program report, which analyzes strengths and areas of development in the programs.

For the latest report, please see this page in Swedish.