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The information at the page Study in Sweden - Cost of Living in Sweden can be used as a guide. Please note that as a student in Sweden you have to buy your own course literature. This cost varies from course to course.

Student discounts are given at numerous shops, stores, cafés etc. in our area. You need to be a member of the Student Union in order to get the discounts. The Student Union at University West has more information about membership and student discounts.

Please also note that when applying for a residence permit, you must prove to the Swedish Migration Agency that you will have sufficient funds to continue supporting yourself for the remaining study period.


The currency in Sweden is the Swedish krona (SEK). Check currency converter for updated exchange rates. It is a good idea to exchange some currency before you leave your home country, especially if you arrive in Sweden on a weekend when banks are closed. Credit cards can be used in most shops and ATMs (cash dispensers).

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