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International Flights from all around the world take you to Johannesburg Oliver Tambo International Airport, or Cape Town International Airport.  
Direct connected domestic flights take you to Hoedspruit (Eastgate) Airport, which is located a stone’s throw away Kapama Private Game Reserve.  
Domestic Airlines such as Airlink and CemAir operates daily flights from the International Airports in Johannesburg and Cape Town. For flight schedules and bookings, please ask your travel agency, or book directly through the airline's respective website.  
NOTE: It is especially important to book the domestic flight as early as possible, to secure your travel dates.  
Example of domestic flight schedules: 
Depart from Cape Town on Wednesday 3rd April – Return from Hoedspruit on Friday 5th April 
On-line booking with Airlink: Southern Africa’s Most Reliable, Full-Service Airline | FlyAirlink

  • From Cape Town - Wednesday 10:40 to Hoedspruit 13:10. (Direct flight 2h 30min)
  • From Hoedspruit - Friday 13:55 to Cape Town 16:40. (Direct flight 2h 45min)

On-line booking with CemAir: CemAir / Scheduled flights in South Africa (

  • From Cape Town - Wednesday 09:30 to Hoedspruit 12:00. (Direct flight 2h 30min)
  • From Hoedspruit - Friday 12:30 to Cape Town 15:15. (Direct flight 2h 45min)
  • From Hoedspruit - Friday 13:55 to Cape Town 16:40. (Direct flight 2h 45min)

Depart from Johannesburg on Wednesday 3rd April – Return from Hoedspruit on Friday 5th April 
Airlink Southern Africa’s Most Reliable, Full-Service Airline | FlyAirlink

  • From Johannesburg - Wednesday 10:30 to Hoedspruit 11:25. (Direct flight 55min)
  • From Johannesburg - Wednesday 12:50 to Hoedspruit 13:55. (Direct flight 55min)
  • From Hoedspruit - Friday 12:05 to Johannesburg 13:10. (Direct flight 1h 05min)
  • From Hoedspruit - Friday 14:20 to Johannesburg 15:25. (Direct flight 1h 05min)

CemAir CemAir / Scheduled flights in South Africa (

  • From Johannesburg - Wednesday 11:40 to Hoedspruit 12:35. (Direct flight 55min)
  • From Hoedspruit - Friday 13:05 to Johannesburg 14:00. (Direct flight 55min)

If you travel by road to Kapama Private Game Reserve, take either the N12 or the N4 from Johannesburg to Emalahleni and Middelburg. Turn onto the R540 towards Emakhazeni, Emnotweni (Dullstroom) and Mashishing. From Mashishing, proceed on the R36 to Ohrigstad and through the Strijdom Tunnel to Hoedspruit. From Hoedspruit, take the R40 to Klaserie and continue until you reach the Kapama Private Game Reserve entrance on the left.  
Please note: The small gate on Guernsey Road and the gate on Argyle Road are service entry gates and are not to be used. Access will only be through the Kapama Game Reserve main gate on the R40. 
April is late summer month at Kapama. One could expect rain showers, which often last for only an hour or so. Although it is not generally cold in April it may be chilly in the early morning and evening, so it is advisable to bring a light warm jacket and comfortable shoes. Also bring short sleeve shirts, short pants and bathing gear as day temperatures can be very warm. It is advisable to bring sunscreen with a high protection factor, hat, sunglasses, lip balm and insect repellent. 
For safari drives, try to keep the colours of your clothing as neutral as possible. Khaki colours, browns and greens are generally the best. Darker and/or bright colours tend to attract unwanted insects. Kapama provide rainproof ponchos during game drives and umbrellas are available to use at the lodge. 
There is no formal dress code during the conference. However, you are expected to dress semi-formal for dinner.  
Because Kapama is situated in a low-risk malaria area, taking malaria prophylaxis medication is normally not necessary. Check with your local medical centre about any medication to take as a safety precaution. Visitors are generally advised to get vaccinated against hepatitis A.  
Electricity is a 220-volt alternating current system. Wall-plug units take a round two-prong European plug. It is advisable to bring a converter or adapter to charge laptops and phones. Kapama has free Wi-Fi connectivity. Cellphones work as normal at the facility.  
Kapama River Lodge have 24-hour laundry service. All our rooms are supplied with basic amenities such as soap, shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion.  
Scandinavian citizens travelling to South Africa as a tourist/visitor, do generally not need a visa. Scandinavian passport holders get a 90-day tourist visa when arriving in the country. For other nationalities, please check the tourist/visitor visa requirements for your country of residence/citizenship.  
South Africa standard time is similar as Europe, and the same time as Sweden (during Swedish summertime, and1h difference during Swedish wintertime).    
During the conference at Kapama, all meals, drinks, coffee, as well as the transfer to and from the local airport are included in the conference fee, so additional costs will normally not be necessary. All major credit cards are accepted in most places in South Africa. The South African currency, Rand (ZAR), can be traded or exchanged at all major banks and exchanged bureaus inside or outside of South Africa.