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Grading systems and ECTS Grading Table (EGT)

University West uses ECTS Grading Table, EGT. 

The ECTS Grading Table enables grades from different universities in different countries to be compared. Each university use its local grading system, but the EGT shows the statistical distribution of these grades.

University West uses four different grading systems:

  • Two grade scale – Failed or Passed grade
  • Three grade scale – Failed, Passed or Passed with Credit
  • Four grade scale – Failed, 3, 4 or 5 grade (5 being Passed with Credit)
  • A-F grade scale – F, E, D, C, B or A (F being Fail grades and A being Passed with distinction)

Please find below a list of these grading scales in comparison to each other and percentage distribution between the levels within each. 

Transcript of records achieved at University West will be sent to each incoming student individually, and to the International Office of their partner institution after the mobility, but no later than within 5 weeks after end of semester.

All international transcripts includes EGT as a standard, but as the EGT is not given for courses/course codes with fewer than two years’ data, the distribution table below will also be included to support conversion for those grades where EGT data is currently unavaliable for a completed course in the transcript issued.


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