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The same applies if you have attained the knowledge and skills required for those courses for which you are seeking recognition via a different route, for instance studies abroad.

Exchange students will receive recognition of approved courses from University West towards their degree, as well as students from University West will receive recognition of approved courses from Higher Education Institutions (HEI) abroad.

If the host HEI uses ECTS credits, this will always be accepted as the mutual conversion factor. If not, there are documented regulations for transforming credits to our system. University West acknowledges the Bologna system and exchange students will receive their grades in ECTS credits.

Recognition is done in accordance with the Learning Agreement and transcript of records and entered in the study documentation system LADOK. Credits can only be acknowledged for the same course once.

For traineeships a signed agreement with the enterprise is needed.

Transcript of records achieved at University West will be sent to the International Office of the partner institutions for all incoming students after the mobility.

If your application for recognition is rejected you can appeal against the decision at the Higher Education Appeals Board.

University West uses four different grading systems:

  • Two grade scale – Failed or Passed grade
  • Three grade scale – Failed, Passed or Passed with Credit
  • Four grade scale – Failed, 3, 4 or 5 grade (5 being Passed with Credit)
  • A-F grade scale – F, E, D, C, B or A (F being Fail grades and A being Passed with distinction)

Please find below a list of these grading scales in comparison to each other and to the qualitative levels within the ECTS scale. 

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