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Zoom is our e-meeting tool that is used for real-time meetings with audio and video or when you need to carry out various forms of collaborations digitally with students or your colleagues.

Read more on the page about Zoom


Our learning platform Canvas is the hub of all teaching. To support your work with Canvas, there is the course Canvas Guider that all staff at the university have access to in Canvas. So far only in Swedish, but work is in progress with the English version.

Read more about Canvas in the course Canvas Guider (login required)

HV Play

HV Play is our service for movies and audio media. With HV Play you can upload, record movies and then share them in Canvas or otherwise.

Read more about how to use HV Play


Padlet is an interactive pedagogical tool to use in teaching, like a digital bulletin board. There are many ways to use Padlet, for example to present group discussions or gather opinions and reflections.

Read more about Padlet and its use in teaching

Record video i Powerpoint

The recording tool in Powerpoint has been significantly improved and now it is easy to make a video of a Powerpoint presentation.

Read more about recording video in Powerpoint

Screens for digital posters

There are four screens to borrow for presentation of, for example, digital posters.

Read more about the screens for digital posters