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Restaurant Västan

Lunch restaurant that serves meat, fish, vegetarian, pasta, soup, sandwiches and coffee. Buffet breakfast is served on Fridays. You will find the restaurant in the main building, adjacent to the main entrances of the F-house.

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To their Facebook-page (in Swedish)


Krister or Urban
Tel. 0520- 22 34 44

Observe! Changed opening hours until further notice

  • Monday-friday 07:30-15:00
  • Lunch is served 11:15 - 13:30

Central Café

Café with light lunch dishes, daily specials, quiches, pasta salads, hot and cold sandwiches, cakes and coffee. You will find the cafe in the C building.

Lunch meny for Central café

Go to their Facebook-page (in swedish)


0520 -42 00 70

Ordinary opening hours

  • Every day about 07:00 - 15:00
  • Lunch is served 11:15 - 13:30

Did you bring your own food?

If you have your own food, there is a canteen with microwave ovens and refrigerators in any of our five studentpentryn. You can read more about this on our side of the premises on the campus.

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