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Collaboration and co-creation is an integrated part of University West's programmes and research. The concept of Work Integrated Learning is itself based upon the university's programmes and research entities co-operating with the surrounding community and the basic idea that knowledge is acquired through working with others. The upward spiral begins when the university works with external partners on common problems, and when partners work together striving for 'actionable' results. Through WIL the university becomes an especially useful, valuable, positive force for problem-solving and societal change, especially in the region where University West is active.

As we see it, advanced knowledge (which is characterized by complex problem solving) can be found in many parts of society, especially since more and more Swedes have academic degrees. The academy's so-called monopoly on knowledge was broken up years ago (if it ever really existed). Processes are two-way streets and advanced knowledge flows in both directions. This increases the relevance of co-operation for all the involved parties.

The university, with its academic approach and WIL-philosophy can contribute to the dialogue that effectively finds solutions to complex problems. This means that research results have been thoroughly processed through methods such as clearly formulated hypotheses based upon up-to-date research, open debate, presentations, publications, and so forth. Whether it is process solutions for industry or more comprehensive social challenges such as city and regional development, integration or public health, University West is a valued partner.

Not only do we safeguard and develop advanced knowledge, turning out students who are well prepared for a long professional life, the academy produces active, mature citizens to serve a democratic society. Co-operation with the surrounding community and WIL provide students at University West with an opportunity to develop these skills through concrete contributions to an ever-changing societal context.