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Latest news

New Vice-Chancellor as of 1 August 2023 is Mats Jägstam, according to a decision from the government at the beginning of May.

The Vice-Chancellor is appointed by decision of the Government for a maximum of six years following a proposal by the Board of the University. The employment may be renewed, but not more than twice in each of a maximum of three years.

The Vice-Chancellor's responsibility

The Vice-Chancellor's responsibility is, directly under the board, to manage the activities at the university and to be part of the university's board. The Vice-Chancellor is also chairman of the University's Disciplinary Board and the University's Staff Responsibility Committee. 

As head of the university authority, the Vice-Chancellor must ensure that the business is conducted in a constitutional and efficient manner. The Vice-Chancellor may delegate his or her duties unless otherwise specified, but decide in the following matters:

  • Issues that do not arrive on the university's board.
  • Issues where it is specifically stated in the statute that the Vice-Chancellor decides.
  • Issues where the university's board of directors has assigned the Vice-Chancellor to decide, such as the determination of the university's educational offerings and local degree program


The Vice-Chancellor has a deputy who serves in the Vice-Chancellor's place when he is not in office. The deputy also replaces the Vice-Chancellor to the extent decided by the Vice-Chancellor. At University West, the Vice-Chancellor's Deputy is named Pro-vice-chancellor. The Pro-vice-chancellor is appointed by the University Board.


Jan Theliander

Jan Theliander Senior Lecturer Senior Advisor