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Rules for booking:

  • You can only book up until two weeks ahead.
  • You can only book four passes (four hours) per day, and most twelve hours in two weeks.
  • If the room is not used 15 min after the start of the booked time, it will be available for other students.
  • Don´t forget to cancel your reservation if you are not going to use the room.

How do I book?
You book the rooms at, 'Book rooms'.



These group study rooms can you book as a student:

E136 I207 I435 E137 I237 I436 G247
I238 I437 H229 I239 I438 H230 I240
D232 H309 I241 D233 H338a I307 D234
H338b I336 D239 H433a I337 D241
H534 I338 D242 I339 I340

These group rooms can be found under the "Today´s Group Room"

B111 D103b F108 B123b D103c F109
B124a D134 F110 B134 D135 F111
B206 D136 F403 B311b E135 F412
B311c E204 F415 F416 J108 J109 J110



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