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  • If there is a problem with a computer try at first rebooting it. There are a number of simple problems that can be solved this way. If the problem persists, please report it to Servicecenter. Please attach the IT number of the computer to your report. You'll find it on a white label on the Univerity West computers.

  • For problems with University West's systems, you can first check if we published any  messages about interruptions in our delivered services on the webpages. Please keep in mind that we have service windows every Wednesday at 4:30 pm until 11 pm.

  • For questions about how to use software and systems perhaps one of our guides can help you solve the problem.

Please turn to Service Center with your report!

Contact Service Center 

What happens when I have reported a case?

Most of the received cases will be registered in our servicecenter system. You will get an e-mail confirmation with a case number. You can reply to this mail if you need to complet your report with some additional information. You will also get an e-mail when the case is closed.



account_circle Coordinated service for the entire university. The service center is located on the entrance floor in building G and offers service and support to students, visitors and employees at University West. Main entrance