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The overall theme of the conference is Advanced Manufacturing, Intelligent Automation and Work Integrated Learning for Sustainable Future Production.

The topics are:

  • Sustainable manufacturing
  • Smart production and automation
  • Digitalization for efficient product realization
  • Circular production
  • Industrial transformation for sustainability
  • Integration of education and research

We invite authors to submit original scientific work or descriptions of industrial applications. Find more information on our conference web:


University West will be hosting the Swedish Production Symposium 2024. The university is located in the city of Trollhättan which is beautifully located along the Göta River. Trollhättan has a rich history of industry and innovation and is today home to many large, medium and small manufacturing companies.

Conference web

All you need to know about SPS2024 you will find on our conference web:


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Swedish Production Symposium (SPS) is a bi-yearly conference primarily organized by the Swedish Production Academy (SPA).

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