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Chalmers innovation office

 One of our partners in innovation work is the Chalmers Innovation Office. The Innovation Office is set up by the state to support universities in utilizing research results in society. The goal of the Innovation Office's operations is to help streamline the utilization of academic research and thereby contribute to creating value for society and business. The support includes advice on exploitation in many different forms: commercialization, patenting and licensing, research collaboration, etc. Here, researchers can get help in modifying their proposals to suit current activities and also receive financial support for this. 

Chalmers' innovation office is part of the Chalmers organization and they have entered into partnerships with additional universities: University West, University of Skövde, University of Borås, University of Jönköping and University of Halmstad. The support is primarily channeled via a local innovation advisor at each university. University West’s local innovation advisor is Alexandra Bousiou

PTC Innovation AB 

PTC Innovation AB is a company that works with the development of manufacturing processes. It was created to, among other things, give researchers the opportunity to further develop research results even after the "research is done". This is to be able to make the ideas more practically feasible for the outside world. The company conducts advanced process development with associated services primarily within thermal spraying, welding and cutting processing. 

PTC Innovation is located at the Production Technology Center in Trollhättan. Here there is advanced equipment and everything required to develop new, smart production methods that strengthen the competitiveness of technology companies and ensure that we retain industrial production in Sweden.  

Drivhuset in University West 

University West works actively with the Drivhuset, which is on site at the university. Students as well as doctoral students, teachers and researchers can take part in Drivhuset's activities. On behalf of the university and Innovation Office West, Drivhuset offers, for example, all researchers and doctoral students training opportunities and support linked to the utilization of research. The Drivhuset also offers free and confidential guidance for those who want to develop their ideas and take them further. They also hold courses in both idea development and starting your own business. 

Innovatum Incubator 

Innovatums incubator is a place for people with innovative ideas to start, run and develop their ideas, projects and businesses. The ideas that are accepted into the incubator must have a high level of innovation and be scalable and preferably have the potential to become internationally profitable. The incubator's role is to support and provide advice to ensure that your project/business reaches its full potential. As an incubator company, you get expertise, offices, contacts and routes to capital. You also get a business coach connected to you as direct support in your process. 

The incubator has a strong collaboration with Drivhuset and the vast majority of people who meet us who are connected to the university have previously been in contact with and received support from Drivhuset. We work with people and ideas in all sectors. Several alumni from University West now sit in our premises and run their companies. 

Feel free to contact us and we will book a meeting and listen to your idea! 

Industrial dynamics 

University West is a member in Industriell dynamik, an actor in Västra Götaland with the aim of creating growth and development. Industrial dynamics is aimed at industrial and technology companies that need support in technology development and technical problem solving, in business or market development, financial advice or EU advice. Through a joint contact person, access is created to the expertise of 12 leading research and development organizations, of which University West is one. 

Connect Väst 

University West is a member in Connect Väst which is a non-profit organization that wants to contribute to more jobs in West Sweden. Connect Väst works with start-ups for small and medium-sized companies so they can grow faster and more efficiently. Through so-called stepping stones, companies receive help and advice to develop and grow. The university contributes expertise in the expert panels that are connected to the stepping stones. 

Wargön Innovation 

Wargön Innovation will become a national development and knowledge center within process and production technology for new, environmentally sustainable materials. Here, the knowledge and infrastructure are ready to take material innovations from the lab to commercial pilot volumes. University West is involved as an interested party in the work. 

Almi innovation advisors 

If you, as a teacher, researcher or student, have an idea that you would like to commercialize, you should contact Almi. It can be anything from an invention, innovation, product or service that will make everyday life easier for many. With Almi's innovation advisors, you have the opportunity to discuss your idea free of charge and under confidentiality and in what way the idea can be further developed in order to commercialize it. 

With loans, risk capital and business development, Almi creates opportunities to realize your idea to grow. Almi is close to the companies with a broad knowledge of entrepreneurship and sustainable growth.