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It should be possible for all students and employees to experience some form of intercultural contact or activity. The university therefore strives to increase the opportunity of exchange between different countries in the world for teachers, students, researchers and administrative staff.

Students can acquire invaluable experience

Students from University West can apply for placement and studies abroad through agreements with foreign partner universities. We strive to create a window in our programmes to allow for a term abroad in order to avoid interruption in studies and instead incorporate the foreign study period. Work integrated learning is also an important part of our programmes, and placement opportunities are therefore a good way for students to combine the experience of being abroad with work experience, increasing their chances in the labour market.

International Master's programmes

University West offers international Master programmes within several subject areas. The teaching language is English and the recruitment is global. We also offer a 3-year programme in economics and international relations at Bachelor's level, taught in English. Incoming students from our partner universities are also able to participate in courses given within this programme. In some cases, exchange students can complete a whole programme, thereby obtaining a Swedish Bachelor's degree.

We have about 200 incoming students per year mainly from Europe, Asia and Africa. The majority of the incoming students arrive through exchange agreements. In addition to the above mentioned programmes and courses, University West also offers an array of courses and course packages in English for incoming students.

Teacher exchanges create new contacts

Teacher exchanges aim to increase the individual teacher's skill and ability but also to strengthen the university's internationalization efforts. There is a long-term vision behind the exchange - it can be to further strengthen the bonds to a partner university or to facilitate student exchange, to increase the understanding of the work conducted at the partner university, to create new contacts or to develop new teaching materials together with foreign colleagues. 

The University has also through cooperation with the ISEP network access to more than 300 universities worldwide, of which about 140 of these are located in the United States.

International research

The researchers at University West are a part of the international research community, which among other things mean that they participate in conferences and publish their results in international academic journals. There are also several ongoing research projects including researchers at University West and abroad. 

One example is a project which explores how parental child-rearing strategies affect how children adjust. Studies are conducted in nine countries throughout North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Another example is a study of what characterizes Co-op students in various countries, that is students who sandwich work and studies. The technical research at University West is also well embedded in an international environment.


University West has been granted Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2014-2020 by the European Commision, the so called Erasmus Plus Program.
Erasmus+ code: S TROLLHA01

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