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Travel to and from Trollhättan


 Citizens from the majority of countries outside the EU require a visa to visit Sweden. This is a decision reached by Sweden together with the other EU countries. Read more about Visa to Sweden here.

Domestic travel 

 Read more on how to get to and from Trollhättan when in Sweden

International flights

No not really, just select a flight to Europe and connect via any European city to either Gothenburg or Stockholm. There are a number of flights to both Stockholm and Gothenburg from e.g. Copenhagen, Frankfurt, London and/or Paris. If you choose to travel to Stockholm, it is possible to transfer to a domestic flight directly to Trollhättan with a price of 40-200 euros depending on availability. On the other hand do a large number of flights connect to Gothenburg airport from the major international airports in Europe. Gothenburg is being relatively close to Trollhättan, and therefore might be a quicker alternative.

Local direction / parking

Information about our campus, location and parking can be found here

GPS-coordinates for the carpark is:
+58° 16' 54.84", +12° 17' 39.48"

Venue and Hotel Information

Trollhättan offers a wide range of accomodation to suit a variety of needs.

Albert Hotell
Hotel Bele
Hotel Trollhättan
Kung Oscar
Pensionat Stenliden (website not in english)
Scandic Swania
STF Hostel Gula Villan
STF Hostel Stenvillan