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What is it?

We will have a typical Swedish lucia tåg, a fun quiz, games about holiday traditions around the globe, information for students about going abroad or going back home. We will collaborate with the event CU@4, so you can get a free fika from the café and play board games. Additionally, the International Office will provide Glögg and Pepparkakor.

Who can join?

Everyone at University West.

A special invitation goes to students that are interested in going abroad during their studies and to exchange students that are currently here at University West from abroad.

When and where?

On 12th of December at 16:00 in the Central café in building C. 
We will also be available for you in the entrance area in front of the Service center during the entire day for questions. 
(The event is estimated to be around 2 hours long but as long you join us for 30 minutes, you can get a fika ticket)


You do not have to register for the event. We hope everyone of you will join!