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Anställda på Husqvarna, Brastad

Husqvarna is one of the companies involved in the Restart research project. Participants at the company’s production facility in Brastad include (from left) Sandra Mattsson, Jörgen Jensson and Alexandra Hallqvist Lehtinen.

Technological developments and industry’s digital transformation are affecting businesses’ traditional working routines and management practices. With design and implementation studies in industrial production, we can increase our knowledge of the technological transition. This involves both production technology challenges and how the technological transition affects people, organisations and production work for industrial personnel such as operators, technicians and managers.

Our research contributes towards increased understanding and knowledge about how industrial production and digitalisation are affecting new professions and how business models are being transformed. It also provides knowledge about new and changing needs for skills exchange and skills development, and enables us to gain a deeper understanding of the effects that emerge.