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Schematic image of the units organisation

At the unit Study and academic support, Library and Pedagogical Development, is the hub where pedagogical support at the university is gathered. The department shall provide ways for successful studies and learning for both students and teachers.

The unitt is led by Library Manager and Head of Study and Academic Support, Library and Educational Development, Hanna Gadd.

Within the unit and its different sections the work consists of; the library room and library functions, study and career guidance, research and student support, pedagogical development, support for students with disabilities in relation to their study situation, support in planning flexible teaching, support in film and sound production, teaching in information management and support in scientific writing.

The work with higher education pedagogical development for teachers in various areas to promote lifelong learning is an important component of the departments mission. Here are workshops, seminars, courses and newsletters channels to meet as many needs as possible.

Within the framework of the department, there is the project Näktergalen (Nightingale), a concept where students become mentors for children in primary and middle school. A project that focuses on the meeting between mentor and child to provide insight into society through various activities and visits at different workplaces.

Included in the unit responsibility is also University West's center for sustainability and the project Increased university transition.


Petra Ahlstedt

Petra Ahlstedt Librarian

Caroline Andersson

Caroline Andersson ICT Educational Developer

Pär Andersson

Pär Andersson Study Counsellor

Karin Andreasson

Karin Andreasson Coordinator for disability study support

Fredrik Atterheim

Fredrik Atterheim Systems Librarian

Elin Behrns

Elin Behrns Informations Coordinator

Sofia Bramfors

Sofia Bramfors Coordinator for disability study support Studiehandledare, Academic study coach

Carina Carlund

Carina Carlund Coordinator

Maria Erlander

Maria Erlander Coordinator for disability study support

Hanna Gadd

Hanna Gadd Head of Library Egen titel:

Lena Garberg

Lena Garberg Project Leader

Getzy Gunnarsson

Getzy Gunnarsson Study Counsellor

Daniel Jakobsson

Daniel Jakobsson Writing supervisor

Lars Johansson

Lars Johansson Head of Division

Catarina Lindhé

Catarina Lindhé Head of Division

Monica Ljung

Monica Ljung Systems Librarian

Charlotta Lundqvist

Charlotta Lundqvist Study Counsellor

Erik Malmsköld

Erik Malmsköld ICT Educational Developer

Gunnel Matsson

Gunnel Matsson Study Counsellor

Elisabeth Näverå

Elisabeth Näverå Librarian

Maria Nilsson

Maria Nilsson ICT Educational Developer

Emma Norberger

Emma Norberger ICT Educational Developer

Henrik Oscott

Henrik Oscott Media Technician

Marcus Paulsson

Marcus Paulsson Media Technician

Maria Persson

Maria Persson Writing supervisor

Samina Särkiniemi

Samina Särkiniemi Library Assistant

Britt-Marie Sjöholm

Britt-Marie Sjöholm ICT Educational Developer

Hanne Smidt Södergård

Hanne Smidt Södergård Advisor Senior Advisor

Madeleine Storm

Madeleine Storm Librarian

Lisbeth Strängbäck

Lisbeth Strängbäck Study Counsellor

Erika Sundberg

Erika Sundberg Librarian

Rebecka Sverker

Rebecka Sverker Librarian Språkvingehandledare, SI-metodhandledare

Mikael Wåhleman

Mikael Wåhleman Media Technician

Emelie Wester

Emelie Wester Administrative Officer

Anna Wilner

Anna Wilner Librarian SI -metodhandledare

Merja Ylioikarainen

Merja Ylioikarainen Librarian

Raine Zander

Raine Zander Study Counsellor