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Illustration med 17 rutor som förklarar de gloabala målen med hållbar utveckling

University West strives to be an active societal actor that, in collaboration with the surrounding society, creates knowledge that contributes to sustainable development and the global goals. This takes place primarily in the university's educations and research, but also through the activities' concrete impact on the environment, equal terms, study and working conditions. Particularly prioritized areas where the university has long-term sustainability goals are climate change and gender equality.


Sustainable development meets the needs of today without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to meet theirs, which requires society to deal with a range of major and complex ecological, social and economic challenges. Here, University West wants to be involved in creating knowledge that contributes to identifying and understanding what creates sustainable societies today and in the future, in order to find ways to solve both current and future sustainability problems.

We do this in our research, but also by developing, through our ecucations, our students' ability to understand and manage sustainability problems in their future professional role. Here, we are convinced that the scientific way of working has an important role to play in collaboration with the surrounding society locally, nationally and globally.


An important part of sustainable development is to allow many perspectives to meet in order to increase the conditions for identifying sustainability problems and finding sustainable solutions that are adapted to different needs and contexts.

Through our profile work-integrated learning (WIL), we create meetings between theoretical and practical knowledge as well as different angles. University West has therefore particularly good conditions to create the partnerships required to achieve sustainable societal development.

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