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Illustration med 17 rutor som förklarar de gloabala målen med hållbar utveckling

The university's vision

"We act and work together with society to create a more sustainable world. Together with a wide range of partners we create knowledge and strive to make it more accessible." 

To achieve the vision, the university works broadly to integrate sustainability with a particular focus on a number of areas:

2030 Agenda

Agenda 2030 and the UN's global goals are important starting points for the university's sustainability work. Through our education, our research and collaboration, the university contributes to the development of knowledge in support of the global goals.
To the Global Goals - page with a description of the 17 goals
To SDSN Northern Europe - a collaborative arena for Nordic higher education institutions' work with the global goals


Hanna Stafhammar Kjellgren

Hanna Stafhammar Kjellgren Qualified Analyst