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Sustainable development involves a good environment, but also the interplay of three mutually dependent parts - ecological sustainability, economic sustainability and social sustainability.

We work to increase the knowledge and insight of the students and staff concerning a sustainable development. The university's overall and long-term objective is, among other things, to:

Integrate knowledge and competence in sustainable development in research and educationIntegrate knowledge and competence in sustainable development in continuing professional development for the university employees

Some examples

  • We buy eco-labelled electricity
  • In the teacher training especially, but also in the engineering programmes, an environmental perspective is integrated
  • The university premises are heated by environmentally friendly district heating
  • Printers and photocopiers are set to black and white and double-sided printing as default
  • Waste is sorted at source on campus
  • The university makes environmental demands in public procurement processes
  • There are energy-saving lifts on campus
  • The university transport vehicle is fuelled by biogas
  • The student computers automatically shut off when the campus is closed for the night.
  • The university restaurant offers organic coffee.
  • All offices and some of the lecture rooms are equipped with automatic motion detectors which turn off the light when the space is unoccupied.
  • It is possible to regulate the temperature in each office.
  • The university strives to purchase eco-labelled office supplies

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