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Questions about and possible problem reports are preferably sent by e-mail to and not to individual individuals. Then we have the best chance to follow up the problems.

In order for us to be able to resolve any problems as quickly as possible, the mail should contain the following:

  • The address (url) of the page containing errors or problems
  • Your name and contact information, if you want feedback from us
  • Which operating system and which browser, preferably with version number you are using
  • As good description as possible of the problem.


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To quality check and develop our website, we use an analysis tool from Siteimprove.

Anonymized IP number

Your IP address will be anonymized automatically. This means that the statistics are not traced back to you as an individual.

Don't Track

We support "Do Not Track" to protect your privacy. If "Do Not Track" is turned on in your browser, it prevents websites from tracking your activity for feedback or other purposes. It stops analytics and ad networks from gathering information about which site you have navigated to or how you landed on a particular page.


A cookie is a small text file stored on the visitor's computer and containing information. Cookies are usually used to improve the site for the user.

There are two types of cookies:

  • One type saves a file that is left on the visitor's computer. For example, it is used to customize a site according to the visitor's wishes, choices and interests.
  • The other type is called session cookie. During the time a visitor is browsing a webpage, a session cookie is temporarily stored in the visitor's computer's memory. . Session cookies disappear when you turn off the web browser.

If you do not accept the use of cookies, you can turn off cookies through your browser's security settings. You can also set the browser to get a warning every time the site tries to create a cookie on your computer.

More information about cookies and electronic communications can be found on the The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority website.

The swedish website provides information about how to handle cookies in different browsers.


A "session cookie" with the same name as the site is automatically added by our web platform. This cookie is required for the site to function as intended.

SHARE function

You can share the information on through the "Share" button found on most pages.


General search function

In the search box, which is always at the top right of the website, you can search for staff and web pages on the website. When you start typing a word, keyword suggestions will appear on the most common searches right now:

Screen shot from Search function on the webpage

You can select one of the suggestions from the Autocomplete, or type your own word and press Enter / on the search button.


  • It is better to search for one or two words, rather than writing phrases. For example, write "distance education" instead of "what distance education do you have".
  • If you do not find what you are looking for, then just try synonyms and / or inflections of words. For example "Exam", "examination".
  • Make sure you spell it correctly.

The search function searches for all content on the website. After a search, you can filter in different ways. If you are an employee, you can log in, and then get hits on our Staff Portal as well.

How can we improve the search?

Feel free to contact us about the search service via e-mail

Contact the web editor if there are any problems on the website.