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Health and safety

Regardless of whether you are employed by University West or you are a
third-cycle student there, you have the right to good working conditions. The head of the department is responsible for health and safety in the workplace. For more information, see Guidelines for Health and Safety in the Workplace.


The Servicecenter is located in the ground floor of the E-building. Here we provide service and support to students, visitors and staff at University West.

Servicecenter supports:

  • IT-support
  • Finding your way in university building
  • Student and Staff access card (entrance, printouts etc.)
  • Student account
  • Study transcript and study information
  • Contact information about admission, study counseling and administration 
  • Facilities in university building
  • Conferense requests

Phone: +46(0)520-22 30 00


In addition to guidance and information searches in the relevant databases, the library offers information about

  • Publication strategies Open Access, or the publication of scientific results that are freely accessible on the Internet
  • Parallel publication, which means that a scholarly article is made accessible in an open archive, even though it has also been published in a journal. Parallel publication increases an article's visibility, increasing the likelihood of references to it in other publications.
  • Bibliometrics, or citation analysis through quantitative studies of scholarly publications, measuring productivity and impact.
  • Help getting registered on the university's publication database (DIVA).

STUDENT support

On the Student Support and Service page you can find our various support functions for you as a research student, ranging from student health, study guidance, and support to students with disabilities. These functions are available to you if you need support and help in a life situation that can influence your studies. They also work with preventative measures in seminar or course form.


Membership in the Student Union is voluntary. By joining the union you can receive extra assistance and support with regard to various questions that arise during your years of study. You can also participate in the union's activities and benefit from the discounts that the union has to offer.


Students have the right to be represented in all the advisory and decision-making bodies of the university. It is the Student Union that appoints these representatives.


So that a student has an unbiased spokesperson to go to with questions about working conditions, equality or discrimination, there is a student ombudsman at
the university who works together with the Student Union to resolve such issues. The student ombudsman's task is to listen to what the student has to say with an open mind and help him or her to resolve issues having to do with equality, working conditions, and discrimination.

Fackliga företrädare


Read about SULF here.

ST - Statstjänstemannaförbundet

Read about ST here.


No third-cycle student or applicant should be exposed to offensive behaviour or discrimination at University West. Discrimination of anyone based upon gender, expressions of or identification with a transgender identity, ethnicity, religion or other creed, sexual orientation, disability or age is prohibited, as clarified by the Swedish Discrimination Act. This act has provisions that apply to institutions of higher learning and states that an education provider should conduct goal-oriented work toward actively promoting equal rights for students and applicants.

If you feel that you are being discriminated against, the object of offensive behaviour, or exposed to harassment, you can go to see the student ombudsman at the Student Union, Student Health, or Student Services Centre for help and support.


The innovations counsellor works with the application of research findings. One can receive advice as to how best to protect and manage research results, whether or not they lead to further research, commercialisation or something similar. You can, among other things, receive assistance with authentication.

Authentication is the first step in ascertaining whether your idea is technically feasible and marketable. You can apply for funding from Innovations Office West by contacting the Innovations Counsellor for Authentication and Research Results.

The concept of applied research results can be understood in various ways. It can, for example, mean the dissemination of methods that improve healthcare, new teaching and learning models, or inventions that solve technical problems.

International office

The Intrantional Office works primarily with the processing of applications for excange programs and scholarships, but also to expand the network of partner universitiea around the world.