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1. University West receives a nomination by your home university
All exchange students must be nominated by their home university coordinator for exchange studies.

2. University West sends information to nominated students on how to apply
Once we have received your nomination, we will send you information on how to apply. This information is important that you read carefully in order to successfully submit your application.
You will also receive direct links to use for your application for courses or course packages.

3. Create your account for application at 
Each student has to create an account at this web page in order to apply for the courses or course packages offered at University West.

4. Decide on your course selection before application
There is an online course list for each semester, but we recommend all students to first go to our web page for how to combine your courses before choosing from the course list.
Course selection

5. Apply for your courses
Once you have decided on your course selection, apply at by logging into the account you have created, and then simply cutting the links provided in our information e-mail (section 2 above) for the courses you have chosen and paste each link separately into the web browser and press Enter. You will then be able to see the course presente in your account.

Please note that you can apply for a large number of courses, but you can only be accepted to 30 credits per semester, so if you want to apply for more than 30 credits - make sure you rank them in the order you wish to apply for them.

6. Upload relevant documents
In order for us to process your application, you must upload documents to support your eligibility for chosen courses.
You will not find information on on what documents to upload (more information below)

  • Learning Agreement
  • Transcript of Records below

For information on how to upload documents at universityadmissions, please follow this link

7. Submit application on time
Submit your application before last date of application:

15th of October for spring semester

8. Notification of Selection Result (equivalent to Letter of Acceptance)
You will be able to find the result of your applicaton in your account at as from the following date:

4th November for application studies starting Spring Semester 2020 (January start).

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