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Student som befinner sig i Produktionstekniskt centrum i Trollhättan. Foto. Student som befinner sig i Produktionstekniskt centrum i Trollhättan. Foto.

About us

The Department of Engineering Science has around 150 employees consisting of nearly 20 professors (including guest professors), 10 associate professors, and 20 PhD students (apart from 10 industrial PhD students).

Several of our employees come from an international background making the work environment truly multicultural. We offer several high-quality engineering and technology programs at all study levels in Swedish and English. We perform research in the field of production technology in close collaboration with the industry at our state-of-the-art laboratory at the Production Technology Centre (PTC).

The Department of Engineering Science consists of five divisions:

  • Division of Computer Science
  • Division of Industrial Engineering
  • Division of  Industrial Automation
  • Division of Mechanical Engineering
  • Division of Electrical Engineering


We have a strong focus on digitalization and internationalization in our study programs. In recent years, we have significantly enlarged our offer of programs available in distance learning mode. Most of the teachers involved in the programs, especially at master and PhD levels, have international experience and background both in research as well as education.

We continuously update our program offer and content based on market needs and industrial requirements.

We offer bachelor programs in the subject areas of Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Land Surveying.

The master programs offered are in Metal Additive Manufacturing, Manufacturing Engineering, Robotics & Automation, and Electric Vehicle Engineering.

We also offer a PhD program in Production Engineering in connection to our production technology research.

Full list of programs offered and further details


The focus of our research is on production technology within the following fields: welding, machining, metal additive manufacturing, thermal spraying (surface treatment), automation, inspection (NDT) and control.

There are currently more than 40 ongoing research projects conducted by the department. The majority of these projects are externally funded by Swedish and EU Research Foundations and involve two or more industrial partners. The department also leads competence development projects and organizes tailored courses for industry personnel based on the demands set by the industry in the region.

More information on our research in production technology


We see internationalisation as about making the university’s activities competitive at an international level and well-linked to its national and regional commitment. In cooperation with companies and partner universities, we want to create new possibilities for student and teacher mobility, both incoming and outgoing. In today’s globalised world, international experience is becoming of great importance for intercultural work-environment at multinational companies as well as universities.

Our strategy for internationalization is to focus on mobility collaborations with so-called ‘preferred partners’ instead of trying to establish close relationships with numerous partners.

This internationalization strategy also includes the following: (i) providing simple choices for both incoming and outgoing exchange students for example through course packages rather than multiple individual courses, (ii) adding flexibility by offering different exchange possibilities such as study exchange and co-op works, (iii) strategically increase teacher mobility to strengthen the partnerships with preferred partners, and (iv) increase cooperation with Swedish companies abroad to create more co-op possibilities for students and develop new research collaborations.

We offer a bachelor program in Mechanical Engineering and all of master programs in English, and some of our master programmes are also available at distance learning mode to international students. In addition, we offer double degree and joint programs at bachelor and master level with preferred partners. Our highly competitive PhD program is also offered in English which attracts candidates from all over the world.

We offer full-semester course packages in English for all exchange students both in the autumn and spring semesters. We also offer student projects in collaboration with industry at Sweden’s most modern production technology center – PTC to exchange students from our preferred partners.


For more information on exchange studies, please go to