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Studenter master robotik

Primus’s focus on new research and skills within technology and learning, combined with an emphasis on work-integrated learning, makes this cooperation particularly valuable for industry.

There are various opportunities for cooperating with Primus’s researchers, for example by participating in research projects, taking on an industrial doctoral student, offering your employees skills development through University West’s course offering, or tailoring your own contract education. 

Develop new knowledge within our research projects

Within Primus, approximately 50 research projects are underway within topical and critical issues linked to the major technological transition that industry is currently facing. More than a hundred industrial companies are partners in our research, and there is growing interest in participating among small and medium-sized companies. A selection of our industrial partners can be found further down this page.

Get in touch and we’ll tell you more!

Contact Lennart Malmsköld, Programme Manager for Primus

Find out more about ongoing research projects and Primus’s current partners.