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Människa och maskin i interaktion Människa och maskin i interaktion

Since 2018, Industrial Work-Integrated Learning (I-WIL) has been a prioritised research field at University West. Our research focuses on questions and challenges that are of particular relevance to Swedish industry. We combine technical and social science subject expertise within interdisciplinary research projects to address complex societal challenges.

A unique interdisciplinary research field

Around 20 researchers work here, in a dozen or so different projects. Our research is interdisciplinary and includes researchers from a wide range of scientific disciplines and subjects, such as informatics, business administration, computer science, media studies, interaction design, education, sociology, personnel studies and labour science. Industrial automation, industrial economics, environmental science and sustainable energy are also linked to our research within Industrial Work-Integrated Learning.

Our researchers work within three research themes:

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Monika Hattinger

Monika Hattinger Senior Lecturer PhD Informatik med inriktning mot arbetsintegrerat lärande

Ulrika Lundh Snis

Ulrika Lundh Snis Professor

Anna Karin Olsson

Anna Karin Olsson Senior Lecturer Docent i företagsekonomi