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Ulrika Lundh Snis

Ulrika Lundh Snis


Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Director I226


Staff member at Division of Informatics.

Research area

Conducts research in social sciences, workintegrated learning, informatics, industrial workintegrated learning.


Ulrika Lundh Snis is deputy vice-chancellor and is part of the university's management team and leads, among other things, the work to WIL-certify all the university's education programs and to design collaboration with the university's strategic partners. Ulrika is also director of the complete academic environment work-integrated learning (WIL) In a complete academic environment, activities are carried out all the way from basic education, advanced level, postgraduate education to research in the field. It is balance and dynamism between education, research, and collaboration to reach the highest quality needed to meet society's challenges.


Ulrika Lundh Snis is a professor of informatics with a focus on work integrated learning. Ulrika's research focuses on competence and learning processes in the development and use of digital systems and services. With the needs of users and businesses in focus, Ulrika engages in various types of digitization projects with a bearing on socio-technical issues that bridge the borderland between social practices and technical applications. In recent years, research has been conducted in around 25 externally funded research projects in collaboration with several different partners in the surrounding community. The research takes place within the framework of University West’s area of strength "Work-integrated Learning" (WIL). Ulrika has published more than 100 scientific articles, co-authored 4 books, arranged several international conferences and special sessions.

Feel free to listen to her inaugural talk - Professorpodden  - where she tells you more about her research. It was published in connection with her installation as a professor in October 2021.


Ulrika teaches at the doctoral program in work integrated learning. She has supervised 12 doctoral students for their dissertation and is currently the main supervisor of 3 doctoral students in informatics and work-integrated learning.



Research projects