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Primus’ research will strengthen industry within the ongoing major technological shift. Digitalisation, new materials, new manufacturing processes and new ways of working all require new smart solutions. Our research links technology and learning in a completely new way. It provides effective tools that enable industry to benefit more quickly from research findings within its markets.

A unique combination of research areas creates new value

Primus builds on University West’s established research areas: Production Technology and Work-Integrated Learning (WIL). By increasing and deepening cooperation between these areas, we will gain greater flexibility to explore broader issues than before.

Production Processes – includes three thematic research areas:

Production Systems – includes three thematic research areas:

Watch a film in which Primus’ Programme Manager Lennart Malmsköld explains more.



Lennart Malmsköld

Lennart Malmsköld Senior lecturer Programchef Primus, PhD, Production Technology

Lars Walter

Lars Walter Professor

Anna Karin Olsson

Anna Karin Olsson Senior lecturer Docent i företagsekonomi

Fabian Hanning

Fabian Hanning Senior lecturer

Fredrik Danielsson

Fredrik Danielsson Professor Professor i automation

Håkan Wirdelius

Håkan Wirdelius Professor

Leif Magnus Jensen

Leif Magnus Jensen Senior lecturer

Robert Pederson

Robert Pederson Professor

Shrikant Joshi

Shrikant Joshi Professor Doctor of Philosophy, Chemical Engineering