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Studenter sitter utanför en av högskolans entréer. Sommar. Foto. Studenter sitter utanför en av högskolans entréer. Sommar. Foto.

Based on the Campus plan, the purpose is to create an environment where academia and working life meet and where students, staff, collaboration partners and the public want to be.

The Campus plan shows opportunities for how the campus area can be integrated with the city center and is in line with the City of Trollhättan's ambitions to develop
the city center.

Campus Vision

"A campus where interaction is created, bringing together knowledge, ideas, culture and people. Our campus is a creative and inspiring environment for life-long learning and multi-disciplinary collaboration. It forges interaction between academia, working life and the surrounding community to collectively create knowledge and development. Our campus publicises research and progress achieved in an accessible, inclusive way. It is an inviting place, where everyone feels welcome."

Campus Plan 2030 (pdf)

Campus Plan 2030.pdf

Current project: Sub-project Main entrance with indoor square and restaurant

A main entrance that stands out, a place for meetings and creativity and a cozier restaurant – these are some of the ideas from students, staff and partners for the Campus Development Plan 2030. This sub-project is one of the prioritized projects for 2020/2021. 

On April 22nd 2021, the University Board decided that Kraftstaden Fastigheter AB will start the work with the main entrance with indoor square and restaurant. Construction will start in September 2021 and inauguration is planned for the autumn 2022.


The strategies of the Campus Plan form the basis for the development of the area and outline the measures required in order to achieve the campus vision and impact targets.

  • To create inspiring and productive collaborative environments on campus.
  • To create flexible, creative learning areas – in physical and digital environments.
  • To develop attractive, flexible workspaces and meeting places.
  • To make the campus inviting and easy to navigate.
  • To build accommodation on campus.
  • To create greener environments – inside and out.
  • To create space for activities, amenities and social interaction.
  • To develop a sustainable campus.
  • To provide sustainable connections and parking facilities




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