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Campus vision

A campus with the meeting at the heart. Where knowledge, ideas, cultures and people meets. Our campus is a creative, inspirational environment for lifelong learning and interdisciplinary collaboration. It is a forum where academia, working life and the surrounding community together create knowledge and progress. Our campus renders research and advances visible in an accessible, inclusive manner. It’s where people want to be and where everyone feels welcome.

Aims and GOALS

There are several stated goals in developing campus:

  • contribute to developing education and research in accordance with the strategic platform
  • contribute to achieving the vision ”University West is a driving force within society, working together with the surrounding community to create knowledge and to make this knowledge accessible to a wider audience.”
  • create a stimulating and inclusive environment for lifelong learning and collaboration
  • create an attractive environment for students, employees and partners that is well-known in all of Sweden 
  • create flexible solutions that enable long-term and sustainable utilization of resources
  • integration with Trollhättan and surrounding society


Do you have ideas and thoughts about how you want campus in the future? Right now work is underway to develop campus. During the spring of 2019 there is the opportunity to influence the development of the university's future campus. All ideas are gratefully received - big and small!

NOTE. All suggestions are unidentified when compiled

Please post your ideas, proposals or thoughts here on the Swedish sight in the form "Idé/Förslag/Tanke"




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