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The strategies of the Campus Plan form the basis for the development of the area and outline the measures required in order to achieve the campus vision and impact targets.

  • To create inspiring and productive collaborative environments on campus.
  • To create flexible, creative learning areas – in physical and digital environments.
  • To develop attractive, flexible workspaces and meeting places.
  • To make the campus inviting and easy to navigate.
  • To build accommodation on campus.
  • To create greener environments – inside and out.
  • To create space for activities, amenities and social interaction.
  • To develop a sustainable campus.
  • To provide sustainable connections and parking facilities

The project plan outlines prioritised projects up to 2030. Some projects have been signed-off and are scheduled to take place soon, while others refer to potential solutions and remain unidentified in terms of form and content. Over the course of the ten-year Campus Plan planning period, it is inevitable changes will be made to the project plan. Some projects will be completed, some will be dropped and others added. The intention is to continually keep the project plan up to date.

Campus Plan 2030 (pdf)

Campus Plan 2030.pdf

Impact Targets


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