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Competence development

We offer courses target industry needs within Production Technology. More information and course application, in Swedish.

Doctoral studies

Information about Doctoral Degree Programmes.

Engineering education

The following programmes at both basic and advanced level run in collaboration with the Research Team Production Technology West, for more information in English

Master Programmes

Bachelor Programmes

  • Electrical Engineering, Electric Power Technology, 180 higher education credits, 
  • Mechanical Engineering, Industrial production, 180 higher education credits, 
  • Mechanical Engineering, Product Development , 180 higher education credits, 
  • Industrial Engineering and Management, 180 higher education credits, 

The researchers in the team teach and supervise students within the programmes, and frequently use examples from ongoing research projects and practices. The students learn the basics of production technology through experimental work using the research team's equipment. When the students carry out project work and degree projects, their tasks usually form part of projects that the research group runs together with its partner companies. Student work stations with computers are available at the research team's premises, meaning that the students have very close contact with their supervisors.