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Transforming regions. Empowering people. 

The STARS EU Alliance is a European university with the goal of making a difference through research and education in the nine regions where the universities are located. The universities in the alliance are united in their desire to participate in building the sustainable societies of the future through innovation and active cooperation with the outside world.

STARS EU offers several opportunities for students, teachers and researchers to get involved. Through STARS EU, you get the chance to study, network and research together with people from eight other European countries.

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You can also find more information at the official STARS EU website >> 

What's on within STARS EU

The STARS EU office at University West

Emelie Coralic

Emelie Coralic Controller Teamledare

Elin Frändberg

Elin Frändberg Administrative officer

Stefan Kudryk

Stefan Kudryk Communications Officer PR och samverkan

Carl-Fredrik Miles

Carl-Fredrik Miles Administrative officer International collaboration coordinator

Gunnar Peterson

Gunnar Peterson Senior lecturer Senior Advisor Strategic Internationalisation