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Starting in 2024, all courses in university pedagogy will be certificate-granting, and their duration will be presented in weeks instead of credits. The reason for this change is that the Swedish National Audit Office requires that courses targeting teaching staff, such as internal professional development initiatives, should not be financed by government appropriations. Through this change, we will align our course management with several other educational institutions in Sweden. As a participant, there will be no change for you, and, as before, you will find your results in Ladok after completing the course, along with a certificate of completion.

Higher education pedagogical courses employ formative assessment based on your active participation. It is important to coordinate with your department head to ensure that you have time in your work schedule to participate and complete the course when it is offered. To facilitate your planning, the majority of scheduled activities will take place on Friday afternoons. The exact schedule with days and times can be found for each course.

All our courses are conducted in Swedish. For our English-speaking staff, there is an opportunity to study higher education pedagogy at the PIL Unit at the University of Gothenburg. You can find more information about it here.