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Important telephone numbers in case of an emergency or crisis

Here you will find important telephone numbers to use if an emergency or crisis arises within HV.

Call 112 in urgent emergency situations in the event of danger to life, property or the environment.

An emergency is when you quickly need help from an ambulance, emergency services, police, air, sea, mountain rescue, priest on duty or poison information.

When you raise the alarm in the event of an urgent threat or violent situation - remember:

  • Talk about what has happened
  • Tell us your own name and phone number
  • Answer any additional questions from SOS Alarm

About the emergency number 112 at SOS Alarm


Emergency numbers at University West

Högskolan Väst/Service Center: 0520 – 22 30 00
Weekdays Monday-Thursday 8:00-16:30 (Fridays 16:00)

Guard number: 010-470 52 19
Regarding safety/security issues

Property helpline Kraftstaden: 0520-340 50
In case of urgent property faults and damage


If an attack were to take place

The advice in the event of an attack is to follow the three steps: run, hide, tell.

Run (escape if you can):

Put yourself in safety. Leave the place as quickly and safely as possible and avoid crowds.

Hide (Find cover - if escape is not possible):

If you are unable to leave the area, find a place that you deem safe and that will provide you with protection. Pay attention to what you see and hear and try to remain calm. Put the mobile phone on silent and turn off the vibration. Do not call anyone who may be in the danger zone. The mobile signal can reveal a person who is hiding.

Tell (Call the emergency services):

When you are safe, call the police via 112. The police need to know: the location, what has happened, how many perpetrators you have seen, what weapons they used, what they look like and where you last saw them. Warn those in danger and help those in need.

When you raise the alarm in the event of an urgent threat or violent situation - remember!

Ambulance, fire brigade, police - in emergency situations call 112

  • Inform about what has happened
  • Say your own name and phone number
  • Please, answer any additional questions from SOS Alarm

See the video from MSB "Run - Hide - Tell":

Web training: How you ought to act in the event of a terrorist attack

MSB and the Police have developed an online training course to increase knowledge of how to stay safe, as well as how to help others, in a dangerous situation such as a terrorist attack. The training takes 15-30 minutes to complete.

To the web training How you should act in the event of a terrorist attack



In case of fire alarm

  • EXIT through the nearest exit
    CAMPUS: We gather in Maria Alberts Park (the park outside Albertsalen)
    Assembling point in case of fire.
    Here you find a map with assembling place on campus

    PTC: Assembling point at the blue sign at the car park outside the entrance Nohabgatan 18 A (on the other side of the pedestrian crossing). If you have visitors, make sure they accompany you to the assembly point.

Property problems or damages

Report to the Service Center.
Acute property problems when the Service Center is closed, please contact: Kraftstaden service number 0520-340 50

Inform if something happens

In the case of an emergency or accident where it is a matter of saving lives - call 112 first.

If an event or accident has occurred that you think the university needs to be informed about, we would be grateful if you would report this. If this happens during the day, contact ServiceCenter.

At other times, contact the university's crisis number (staffed 24 hours a day):

Crisis number: 0520-22 (3200)

Let us know what has happened and if you know who or whom it concerns. Other information such as time, contact information is also valuable.

Contact and more information


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