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Residence Permit and Visa

Entry visa

Students from certain countries outside of the EU/EEA who plan to study in Sweden for a period shorter than three months need an entry visa.

More information about who needs an entry visa and the application procedure for entry visas can be obtained either from the nearest Swedish Embassy or Consulate or at the Swedish Migration Agency website.

Residence permit

Students from countries outside of the EU/EEA who plan to study in Sweden for a period longer than three months must have a residence permit.

It is essential that you apply for a residence permit as soon as you have received your letter of admission. To be sure of obtaining your permit in time, you should present your application and, if applicable, pay your tuition fee as soon as possible.

The fastest way to get a visa/residence permit is to apply online at the Swedish Migration Agency website. When your application is registered and you have received a control number, visit the nearest Swedish Embassy/Consulate in order to be photographed and take fingerprints for the residence permit card.

Note: Don't wait for the decision about your residence permit before visiting the nearest Swedish Embassy/Consulate, because it will delay the process.


Of course it's important that you are insured while studying with us. Here you can read what will be covered.

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