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Residence Permit & Visa

It is essential that you apply for a residence permit as soon as you have received your letter of admission. To be sure of obtaining your permit in time you should present your application and, if applicable, pay your tuition fee as soon as possible.

The fastest way to get a visa/residence permit is to apply online at the Migration Agency web pages and see to that the application is complete. When your application is registered and you have received a control number, visit the nearest Swedish embassy/consulate in order to be photographed and take fingerprints for the residence permit card.
NB! Don't wait for the decision about residence permit before doing this, because it will delay the process.

Insurance for all students during school hours

All students at University West are insured by the state insurance company Kammarkollegiet during school hours and travels to and from the university, or during any activities performed by the university. This insurance covers emergency health care in case of an accident. This insurance does not cover emergency health care due to accidents during students' sparetime, nor does it cover regular health or dental care. For this reason, international students who are not exchange students or fee paying, need to have a private health insurance. For students from EU countries, read about the EU Health Insurance Card below.

Insurance for exchange and fee paying students

Incoming exchange or fee paying students registered at the university are covered by special insurances (Student IN and FAS) that are valid study time and free time during the time of studies, as well as two weeks prior to the start of the studies and two weeks after the end of the studies. More detailed information about the conditions as well as forms can be found at the Kammarkollegiet website. 

The insurance covers emergency dental and health care. European students from countries in the EU pay the same fee for a visit to a doctor or a nurse as Swedish citizens, but you must bring a European Health Insurance Card which you get from your local health authority free of charge. For more information, visit the European Commission website.

When it comes to non-european exchange or fee paying students you will be charged a higher fee to see a doctor, but you can claim the cost from the insurance company by submitting a claim form signed by the International Office.

Please note that the insurance provided by the university does not cover loss of property. You have to buy your own insurance for this.

If you are a current student and have questions regarding visit to healthcare or similar, please visit our frequently asked questions page,

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