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University preparatory studies, one year (in Swedish)

  • Preparatory college year, Engineering, 60 PE credits (also offered on distance)

Bachelor programmes (all in Swedish with selected courses in English, unless stated otherwise)

  • Higher Education Technician, Electric Power Technology, 120 HE credits
  • Electrical Engineering, Electric Power Technology, 180 HE credits
  • Electrical Engineering, Vehicle, 180 HE credits
  • Network Technology and IT-security, 120 HE credits
  • Computer Engineering - Programming and Network Technology, 180 HE credits
  • Industrial Engineering and Management, 180 HE credits
  • Mechanical Engineering, 180 HE credits (also offered on distance)
  • Mechanical Engineering, 180 HE credits (in English)
  • Surveying Engineering, 180 HE credits

Master programmes (all in English)

PhD programme (in English)

We also offer free-standing courses (in Swedish) within the following subject areas:

  • Production Technology
  • Network Technology
  • Logistics
  • Engineering Management
  • Quality Development
  • Mathematics