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Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is free of charge for you as a student or employee at University West!

During your studies, and up to one year after the latest registration at University West, you have the right to use the software package Office 365 - ProPlus on your private computer. The package includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, Publisher, Outlook, Teams and InfoPath.

Please note that Office can be installed on PC and Mac but not on Google Chromebook!

You can install it on 5 private computers and your mobile devices.

To log in to Microsoft services

In our Microsoft services, of which Office is a part, in addition to login with username and password, we also use multi-factor authentication, MFA. You therefore need to activate MFA. Read about MFA and how to activate it here!

The user name in Microsoft 365 must be followed by if you are a student, and by if you are a staff member. For example: or Your password is the same in all our systems.

Install Office on a computer

Follow these steps to install Office 365 - ProPlus:

  1. Surf to and log in with your University West e-mail account username and password. Ex

  2. Click Install Office.

  3. Follow the instructions on the screen.

The first time you start Office

The first time you start Office you have to log in.  Log in with your username followed by if you are a student, and your username followed by if you're staff. This may look like this: or In the password field, type your University West password. Then you are logged in all Office applications.

Configure the Outlook client for your e-mail

After you have installed Office 365, you can choose to manage your email in the Outlook client. If so you must configure the Outlook client as shown below. If you are happy to handle the email only on the web, you can skip this.

  1. Launch the Outlook application.
  2. Press the button "Next".
  3. Mark "Yes" and press the button "Next"
  4. Mark "Email account" and enter:
    Your name: your name.
    E-mail Address: your username (not the e-mailadress) for Office 365 at University West. e.g.
    Password: your password for your Office 365 account.
    Press the button "Next".
  5. Outlook will now configure and a box that asks for username and password will appear. Type in your username for Office 365 and password (the same as the previous step).

Install Office on tablet and smartphone

For iPad and iPhone, download Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint as standalone apps in the AppStore.

For Android tablets and smartphone, download Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint as standalone apps in Google Play.

Log in to your apps

After you have installed Outlook and other Office-apps you log in to the apps with your username followed by if you are a student and with your username followed if you are staff. This may look like this: or In the password field, type your University West password.

Where can I get help with Office 365?

Almost all applications have built in support. Usually you can access it by clicking the question mark in the top menu bar or by typing in a search box. Remember that all features are not available in the apps and online versions of the applications. On Microsoft's support pages you will find among other things, installation assistance.

Please note that the university's staff does not support private equipment!