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Last updated on June 16.

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Latest news - Adapted return to campus autumn 2021

On 28 May, the government announced that the recommendation on distance education for higher education would be removed from 1 June. For us at University West, this means that we will continue on the beaten track with an adapted return to regular operations during the autumn. The gradual return takes place during study period 1, so that during study period 2 we will be back on campus.

We follow the general recommendations and are prepared for rapid changes due to the spread of infection.

You will find comprehensive information for all our target groups on our main page about Corona.

What does this mean for my education?

If you have questions about teaching and examination, contact the course / program manager, and stay updated about the course information available on Canvas. There are also course / program managers who inform you about any exceptions to be made from a distance and how it should be done.

We will keep both students and employees continuously informed about the situation and any changes decided on by university leadership. Stay up to date via the website and the newsletter that is sent out to all students. 

This applies to examination

Examinations can now be conducted on campus without a special decision from the head of department.

Due to the Government's announcement that universities can begin to return to regular activities, Vice Chancellpr's policy decision for the autumn of 2021 has been revised. Previous decision which says that all examinations will be given at a distance expires from August 1st. This means that examination from the start of the autumn term (including the re-examination week in August) takes place in the way that the examiner decides. Information about re-examinations in August has been emailed to those who are concerned

If, for some reason, you are unable to participate in an activity that takes place on campus, it is important that you talk to the responsible teacher to find out if there is any possibility of adapting the activity. When examinations take place on campus, we have taken a number of measures to reduce the risk of the spread of infection.

About internship, externally placed teaching etc.

If you are going to conduct externally placed teaching and/or examination such as degree work and internship, you must follow guidelines and recommendations from the host organization. To the extent that guidelines or recommendations would lead to you as a student not being able to carry out planned tasks, the university should try to resolve the situation in each individual case.

For students who have VFU, the same rules apply as for staff at schools and in health care. As long as schools, preschools and health care activities are ongoing and have staff on duty, students will also continue to do their VFU. VFU is a part of the education that can not be replaced by theoretical elements.

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