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University West's campus is located in the centre of Trollhättan, just a few minutes’ walk from the town’s bus and train station.


The University is located in the center of Trollhättan, next to Drottningtorget, and on the opposite side of the town hall and a large water tower that is easy to see. You turn off from Highway 45 at the roundabout where signs show towards the center. School parking accessed from the City Hall roundabout right into Gustava Melin street and is signposted.

Trains and buses run regularly to Trollhättan from Gothenburg. The trip to the town is approximately 35 minutes by train. Buses complete the trip in approximately 90 minutes. The central bus station in Gothenburg (Nils Ericson Terminal) is located next to the train station (Central Station). Gothenburg also has intercity rail links with Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo.

Landvetter Airport
The airport has daily flights to and from most major European cities. There is a convenient airport bus service that connects Landvetter to the Central Station in Gothenburg. Buses run 2-4 times an hour.

Trollhättan Vänersborg Airport
The airport has  frequent services to Bromma airport (Stockholm)



Below you will find a map of the campus, with explanations. 

campus overview engA = Student Union
B = Student pentry, "Bottenhavet", Drivhuset
C = Central café
D = Gregarts student book store, Entré AIL, Student health
E = Main entrance, Restaurant Västan, Library
F = "Stråket", entrance floor, "Albertsalen"

G = Servicecenter, Study and Career Councelling, Study administration: admission, degree certification and student administration office, Clinical Learning Centre.

H = Study area Halland and Hälsingland with student kitchenettes, computer rooms, lockers and group study. Studielandskap Härjedalen with computer room, lockers and quiet study room. Creative Centre.

I, J = Study area Ishavet and Vita havet with student kitchenettes, computer rooms, lockers and group study. Study area Medelhavet with computer room, lockers and quiet study room.

K = Footbridge
X = Assembling point in case of fire.

Find your facilities
The letter illustrates in which building you find the facility and the first number shows on what floor.
Example: F211 - you find F211 in the F-house on the 2nd floor.


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