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Adriaan is an English teacher at a secondary school in the Netherlands, and is tasked with leading the school’s pedagogical innovation team.  The school has an interesting history as being one of the country’s most progressive and well-known schools in the 1900s, but struggling to find their direction in recent decades. Adriaan has secured a 5-year PhD grant to organize Change Labs to aid his school – in addition to his teaching job. In combination with a visit to CRADLE at Helsinki University he also visited CAT to learn about the history Wall tool when conducting a CL.


Upcoming events 2024

Online PhD course open for everyone interested in Activity theory and work

See the study guide

The MOOC on Key Concepts of Cultural-Historical Activity Theory (1-5 credits) will take place from September 16, 2024 to December 11, 2024. 

The application period will start on August 15 and end on September 1. Please notice that it will not be possible to accept registrations before or after these dates and outside the link which will become available on the course webpage. 

The MOOC is free of charge

pre-conference seminar (free-of-cost and online) focusing on dialectics of transformation in educational research. The seminar will be held on the afternoon of Wednesday 20.11.2024 (Finnish time, GMT+3). Please find more information on the seminar below and attached.

Register for the seminar by 18.11 via:

Assistant professor of communication studies Alex Levant from Wilfrid Laurier University will deliver a keynote on Ilyenkov’s understanding of dialectics and its relevance to cultural historical activity theory and followed by a short discussion with the audience. The seminar will then continue with a panel discussion involving senior lecturer Brett Bligh (Lancaster University), professor Catherine Hasse (Aarhus University), professor Sami Paavola (University of Helsinki), professor Annalisa Sannino (Tampere University) and Peter Sawchuk (University of Toronto) who all will discuss why and how dialectics in educational research as well as what does dialectics mean in their work.

Read more about the FERA CHAT seminar

There will be a Pre-ECIS 2024 “Developing Activity Theory in Information Studies” (DATIS) Online Talk, planned for 7 June, presented by Professor Clay Spinuzzi, from the University of Texas at Austin, US. Details are below. 

Date: Friday 7 June, 2024

Start Time: 11 am UK / 5 am Austin US / 8 pm Brisbane Australia

Duration: 1 hour

Title of Talk: "‘Fourth-generation activity theory is about WHAT?’ Thinking through our mission(s) for 4GAT"

Abstract: In "The future of activity theory: A rough draft" (2009), Yrjö Engeström suggested that a fourth generation of activity theory (4GAT) might be needed to address social production and peer production, in which "the boundaries and structures of activity systems seem to fade away." Some of us interpreted Engeström as addressing post-bureaucratic society, specifically changes in work organization. But his later work demonstrates that he is instead addressing post-market society, specifically alternatives to capitalism. Can a single 4GAT address both? And what does IS as a field need from a 4GAT?

Meeting Format:        Online Zoom Call

Meeting URL:   

Meeting ID:                 995 5284 1813

Please email to Paul Kelly ( to confirm if you will be able to join us for this talk, or for any questions about the event.

This online talk is a special pre-cursor to the DATIS Workshop scheduled for 16 June at the European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) in Paphos, Cyprus. For more information about the ECIS DATIS Workshop, see the ECIS Workshops page here.


Work-integrated learning in CHAT drive research will be the focus of the WILCHAT seminar series. 
The format is 30 minutes of presentation followed by 20 minutes of discussion. The presentations are recorded and available for those who have registered for the seminar.

Time: March 20th, 14-15 swedish time 
Presenter: Brett Bligh 
Topic: WIL in University using CHAT. 

Time: May 22nd, 14-15 swedish time 
Presenter: Annalisa Sannino 
Topic: Presenting her book chapter about problem identification in work-integrated learning working with homelessness 

Time: June 16th 9am-5pm swedish time 
Event: Workshop "Developing Activity Theory in Information Studies (DATIS)"

Time: September 26th, 14-15 swedish time 
Presenter: Jaakko Hillpö 
Topic: Presenting his work on preschool professionals and work integrated learning with a CHAT perspective 

Time: October 23rd, 14-15 swedish time 
Presenter: James Garraway 
Topic: Presenting his work on Change Laboratory with professionals in higher education 

Time: November 20th, 14-15 swedish time 
Presenter: Lazaro Herrera 
Topic: Presenting his work in vocational training with a CHAT perspective 

Time: December 11th, 14-15 swedish time 
Presenter: Monika Hattinger  
Topic: Presenting her work on professional development in the production industry by Change Laboratory