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How would you describe your experience at University Carlo Cattaneo in Italy?
- I would describe it as worthwhile and a lot of fun.

What is your best memory of your internship exchange?
- It’s difficult to choose just one memory, but I must say all the trips we took during the weekends. Italy has many beautiful places to discover and many are just a short train ride away. Going by train was also very cheap so that was perfect. A journey was when we went to Venice, it was so nice. Take the opportunity to discover the country you are in so that you can also take a break from the studies.

What was your biggest surprise going to Italy?
- My biggest surprise was that the university is in such a small town. Before I left, I didn’t know much about the university or the town because it had been a quick deci-sion that I took to go on an exchange. A small town can also be an advantage: you became closer to everybody who lived at campus and we came up with many things to do together. 

What has been your greatest challenge/s?
- The biggest challenge was to live so far away from family, friends and the security I have at home. Even studying courses in English and organizing the studies, since all the courses and the exams were at the same time.

What do you miss about your exchange period?
- I miss all the amazing people I met during my exchange and the warmer climate. But also the Italian food, especially the “aperitivo”.

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