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I have been accepted for studies within the erasmus+ programme - what next?

Find out what experiences other student have had from studies at the specific university, and take the opportunity to contact them!

 Information before applying to the partner university

  • You will receive an invitation for an information meeting. At this meeting, you will receive information on what will happen next  and we will go through more details on the information listed below. This is also a good opportunity for you to ask questions you may have.
  • International Office will nominate you to the partner university. Once this is done, you will receive a confirmation and the partner university will send you information on how you apply and which courses they offer to exchange students for example.

All documentation and communication is managed through the Mobility-online system, in which you created an account before you completed your application for exchange studies. You will be able to follow a workflow in the system where you can see what needs to be done or will happen next.

Application for studies at the partner university

  • Next step is for you to apply for exchange studies at the partner university. Follow their instructions and deadlines. 
  • Language test OLS: This test is mandatory and is made online once, prior to departure You will receive a link by e-mail that you use to do the test. The purpose is to assess your English knowledge and does not affect the admission of your exchange place. 
  • Learning Agreement: You must always verify that the courses you have chosen can be recognized here at home before you leave. For this reason you need to fill out a Learning Agreement and get it approved and signed by your programme director or departmental coordinator in good time before you depart. Once back home, you will need your final version of Learning Agreement together with your transcript of records from the partner university in order to apply for recognition of your exchange studies at the Degree Office, University West. You create your Learning Agreement in Moblity-online as part of the process before going abroad.
  • Transcript of records: Your transcript of records for studies here at University West, you can download from My Pages. Make sure to download the English version. Should the partner university require a signed transcript (unusual, but it happens), you can get this from Service Center.
  • English Proficiency Letter: This certificate which states your language level may be required for application to some partner universities. For this reason, all accepted exchange students will receive this documentation from us at the International Office - but it may be that your university does not require it.

    Pedagogical support
    If you have a NAIS- confirmation and receive targeted pedagogical support today at University West, you need to contact the partner university you wish to apply for in good time to find out what support you can receive from there.
    Should you need your NAIS-confirmation translated into English or have other questions, please contact the coordinator for support to student with disabilities,

I have been accepted to the partner university


  • In order to receive the first payment from your scholarhip, you need to hand in a Grant Agreement. You download this from your Mobility-online workflow and upload it into the system once you have signed. The agreement is based on the dates of your study period abroad and you should also include dates for introduction etc. in the period of study.
  • (If applicable) CSN, Student Finance: Apply for Student Finance for the whole academic year even if you are only planning to study one semester abroad. Since it takes longer to process the credits from abroad studies, it is an advantage to have applied to CSN for a full academic year. In this way, CSN will not follow-up on the number of credits you have achieved abroad directly once the semester is completed.
    Read more at CSN web pages.
    Please note that questions on Student Finance and eligibility etc, must be adressed directly to CSN. International Office are not able to provide support on this.

Registration on exchange studies at your home university (in Ladok)

  • You will receive an email from us when you can register for exchange studies under My Pages. Without registration, you are not eligible for funds from CSN and are also not covered by Kammarkollegiet's insurance (below), so don't forget to do this!

Accommodation, arrival, registration etc at the partner university

  • Questions related to accommdation, arrival, registration on courses, introduction days at the partner university - all practical issues related to your studies and/or stay abroad needs to be handled by the partner university. If you are unsure of whom to contact, or you don't have contact information, you can e-mail us at and we will send contact details to you.


  • As a student at University West, you are insured by Kammarkollegiet State insurance "Student UT". You may need to add an additional home insurance to cover expensive equipment for example. More information on the insurance Kammarkollegiet Student UT. You will receive the insurance documentation from us through Mobility-online before your departure.
  • If you are an EU citizen and you travel within EU - don't forget to bring your EU health insurance card. In Sweden, you order this from Försäkringskassan.
    If you have a valid Kammarkollegiet insurance, SOS International in Copenhagen can help you, no matter where you are.

I have arrived!

  • Great! Don't forget to get the first section of your Confirmation of Attendance signed by the partner university. You can download this form from your Mobility-online account though the menu on the left-hand side.
  • Learning Agreement: If your course selection changes, you must update your course selection in Mobility-online in the section "During the Mobility" and approve it in order for your departmental coordinator to be notivied and able to process the changes.
  • Remember that you represent University West. Be a good ambassador by encouraging students to come to Trollhättan. Attend study abroad fairs, information meetings if they are available, and spread information about University West. Contact International Office if you need brochures or material for a study abroad fair for example.
  • Have you been feeling ill or needed to use the Student-OUT insurance by Kammarkollegiet? In order to benefit from the insurance, you need to fill out a Claim Form.

cancellation/interruption of studies abroad

If you for some reason should need to terminate your studies abroad, it is very important that you contact International Office.
Sometimes, the change of environment can be overwhelming and it is normal to feel unsure of your situation - so don't hesitate to contact us about your thoughts before you decide on anything. 

Erasmus Student Charter

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