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Ebba Tyrén

It was the first time Ebba visited a country in Africa. That meant many new experiences every day.

"Seeing a completely new climate was exciting. So many new places to explore, new types of food to taste. I also met so many kind people in Namibia" she says.

Big difference between Sweden and Namibia

During her exchange at the University of Namibia, Ebba got to see what healthcare looks like in Namibia. Something she describes as challenging, but interesting.

"At the hospital where I did my internship, I sometimes saw things that were very tough" she says. "For example, in the emergency room, there were many people who had been assaulted and had to lie and suffer for a long time waiting for someone to come and care for them."

For the staff at the hospital, however, this did not seem as upsetting as for Ebba. She describes that, on a normal day at the hospital, upwards of 50 people could come in with serious injuries from assaults. So, for the healthcare staff in Namibia, this was everyday life. These difficult situations have made Ebba feel grateful for the care we have in Sweden.

Something else Ebba noticed during her time in Namibia was the great differences between wealth and poverty.

“I knew it would be like this before I left, but it was still strange to see sheds just a couple of blocks away from luxurious buildings. It became very clear - how different opportunities and lives people have" she says.

Experience the country

In addition to her time at the hospital, there was also time to get to know new people and experience other parts of the country. Among other things, Ebba went on several excursions, to the sea and the desert, and on safari.

“The last week of the exchange I spent in Cape Town, South Africa, which was fantastic.”

One of the things Ebba will miss the most from the exchange is all the new friends she made. But also, the climate and the beautiful places she has seen. And the ones she didn’t get to see. "There is so much left to explore" she says.

Ebba recommends exchange to everyone

Ebba describes her experience abroad as fantastic, and she would recommend everyone to go on exchange. As a tip for others who are curious about going abroad, she says:

"If you are going to do an internship in a hospital or in any other healthcare institution - be prepared that it will be very different and that you will see tragic things. Read about it beforehand.”

In addition to that, Ebba also advises to read about the country you are going to travel to and to talk to others with experience of studying abroad.

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